Purely Natural,
Just the Finest Stuff


    • Enhance strength and resilience
    • Minimize the look of split ends and surface damage
    • Elevate hair cuticle health and condition

    • Creates a luminous, reflective sheen
    • Refines and polishes hair fibers
    • Restores and fortifies damaged cuticles
  • Aloe Vera Extract

    • Soothes and hydrates the scalp
    • Enhances hair's natural moisture balance
    • Promotes healthy hair growth and repair


    • Antioxidants rejuvenate and shield hair
    • Alleviate scalp discomfort and irritation
  • HYDROLYZED Collagen

    • Strengthens hair, enhancing elasticity and resilience
    • Helps to restore hair's moisture, leading to smoother, shinier locks
    • Supports hair follicle health, potentially reducing hair thinning and loss


    • Bolsters strength and nourishment
    • Enhances body and luster
    • Boosts ease of styling and manageability
    • Reduces damage caused by excessive styling and heat tools

    • Provides deep moisturization and hydration
    • Smoothens hair texture
    • Aids in detangling for easier combing
    • Amplifies hair's glossiness and shine

Pure, Gentle & Kind to All

We designed Kera Mane with your high standards in mind. That's why we've eliminated formaldehyde and other harmful chemicals often found in smoothing treatments that can jeopardize the air quality and your skin health. We take pride in maintaining a non-toxic and cruelty-free approach.

  • Paraben-Free

  • Sulfate-Free

  • Silicone-Free

  • Cruelty-Free

No Formaldehyde. It's our Promise...

At Kera Mane, we're committed to avoiding formaldehyde, often found in many hair treatments but not in ours.

Why have we chosen to exclude it?

Because FORMALDEHYDES ARE HARMFUL, releasing toxins into the air we breathe and potentially into our skin. This poses risks not only to us but also to our love ones like pets and children. That's a risk we're not willing to take!

Kera Mane sets the bar high, just like you do. We've eliminated formaldehydes and other harsh substances, embracing a safe, effective, and powerful anti-frizz formula that's gentle on your hair and animal-friendly. Enjoy hair that's not only smooth and sleek but also healthier and manageable. Flaunt your Mane.