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How Does It Work?

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Why you'll love working with us:

Who makes the best Affiliates?

- Influencers / Creators

- Beauty Bloggers

- Hair Stylists

- Instagram Page Owners

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- If you LOVE beauty, you should join!

- Anyone who wants to share discount codes & make commission

How do I Share and Earn money?

Receive 10% commission for every sale you refer through your coupon code or link.

How can I check my sales and payment?

In our welcome email, you’ll receive a link to log into your account where you’ll be able to see your sales, payment status, your affiliate link and all other relevant information.

What can I do to make more sales?

- Add your shortened personal link to the bio section of all your social accounts, and make sure to mention that followers will receive 10% off orders if they use your promo code at checkout.

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Got more questions? Email & we will kindly assist you!

Does it cost money to join the Kera Mane Affiliate Program?

No! It is completely FREE to join and easy follow.