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Navigating KeraMane Rewards: A Guide

  • Sign In

    Log in or Join the rewards fun!

  • Select the "Redeem Rewards" tab

    On that screen, choose "Get Reward" to turn your points into a discount

  • Select the "Discount Codes" tab

    On that screen, choose "Apply" to use your discount on your current order

Make the Most of Your KeraMane Rewards Points

  • Remember to always use the same email when you buy, so all your reward points gather in one place!

  • Just a heads-up: You can't mix discount codes from reward points with other discount codes, including those from different reward points. Keep them separate for smooth savings!

  • To snag a bigger discount with your reward points, remember to save them up and redeem when you've got a larger amount. Bigger savings await!

  • You can't mix discount codes from reward points with other promotional deals. Keep them separate for the best savings!

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Mane Rewards FAQ

What's KeraMane Rewards All About?

KeraMane Rewards is our way of saying thanks for sticking with us. It's all about rewarding your loyalty to KeraMane!

How Do I Get Started?

Just sign up by making an account with your name and address. Already part of the KeraMane Rewards family? Log in to check out your points and where you stand.

Why Didn't I Get Points for My Purchase?

First up, double-check that you were logged into your account when shopping and didn't check out as a guest by mistake. If you were logged in and something still went amiss, no worries – just shoot an email to our customer support at, and we'll smooth it out!

Can I Stack Up Rewards Discounts?

Sorry, but reward discount codes can't be piled together. For a heftier discount, save up those points and redeem them when you've got a bigger stash.